Sunday 20 May 2012

Marathon Tracking Update

Well were just putting some of the finishing touches on the Marathon Tracking System for Android and going through our alpha test cycle, we expect to have a version published on the app store by Thursday at the latest. There have been some discussions to add support for iPhone but our focus is on ensuring the quality of the Android version. If there is sufficient time prior to the event we will attempt to get a version for iPhone up and running. A preview of the mapping interface after the break.

Above:Runners displayed on the course

Above: Runner search and filter list

We are looking for runners to join our beta test group to begin testing prior to the event, if you are interested let us know either via Facebook or Twitter.

The Zyris Organization is now accepting new customers. Head over to our website ( and select "Contact Us".

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  1. Best of all, I believe call tracking is a great tool to utilize, there even if it is slightly more expensive than a regular 800 number from the phone company.