Sunday 27 May 2012

Zyris Marathon Tracker and Calgary Marathon

Starting at 7:00 AM close to 12,000 runners participated in the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, the Zyris Marathon tracker provided a great way for spectators at home to watch the event and track the runners Live. 

Above: Zyris Marathon Tracker featured as top article for over 18 hours

We were also extremely lucky to have the marathon tracker featured on both the CBC Calgary and 660 News websites, which allowed us to have spectators from all over Canada tuning in to track their friends and family members live.

Above: Zyris Marathon Tracker featured on the 660 News home page

Thanks to we were able to provide regular video updates of the event, outlining the top two runners. Unfortunately due to the limited number of runners using the application we were only able to focus on two runners for the full marathon, however there were a lot of runners using it for the other shorter events. All in all from everyone here we feel it was an outstanding success, we learnt a lot and are extremely excited to get started on the system for next year!

Embert Wong (#1175) and Stefan Bounket (#145) are featured in the video updates above.

Above: CBC Calgary Radio One Feature

Above: 660 News Radio Feature

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